A Trap For Giants, A Grave For Judges

by All The Empires Of The World

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Final release

RIP All The Empires Of The World 2007 - 2015


released September 26, 2015

Written, recorded, mixed, mastered by ATEOTW




All The Empires Of The World London, UK

Prowling saints
Ashen bone
Deathless foes
Trap them all

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Track Name: A Trap For Giants
Prowling saints
Ashen bone
Deathless foes
Trap them all

No more water, blood like glass
Empty, clear, sand and ash
I see it all, see at last
See the god of future-past

A trap for giants
A grave for judges
Track Name: They Will Not See Through The Darkened Glass
Lord, where have you gone?
Blood manifest in the veins of the son
Sins of the father
House of the ghost
I'm alone in the house
When I hear you the most
Burden unfair, burden unkind
Hold onto the spirit and feel it unwind

Joan can you hear me
Descartes was wrong
We'll burn up the music
We'll burn all our songs
We'll burn up the books
To quiet the voice
Of a cheap, sick existence
You don't have a choice
Did you think that you'd get out
Or think you'd survive
Did you think you'd have courage enough to decide?

Life in the firmament
Love in the ground
Sway to the pulse of that terrible sound

The nights massed against you
The days now as well
The currency of time trades so weak when in hell
The way out leads deeper
The path through the roots
The path through the soil
The dead and the shoots
Though thieves will assail you
I'll wait at the fork
We choose paths together, together we'll walk

I miss all my friends
Seen through darkened glass
Their faces are changing
The change comes too fast
I see Northern Lights
I see with my eyes
The darkened glass fails
St Mark now arise
I come so much closer than ever before
My hands on the veil
My hands on the door

My hand pulls back slowly
The sky now alight
The presence of something
A glorious sight
Words can't contain it
My words weak and fast
I reach out towards it
I know it at last

What mercy they show
When wreathed in their grace
When wrecked by their faith the impossible space
Flesh into ashes
Space into time
I claim it all now
I claim what is mine
Torch to the pyre
My kindling aflame
I'll burn I'll burn I'm burning again
Track Name: Lathe Of Heaven
I offer up a silent prayer
To whoever it is up there
Who chose my path
Who guides the lathe
Of heaven across my way
Track Name: Roads To Rome
Now we part the sea, sky and land with infinite power
We have passed the teeth, under roots and over bower
Paths converge on me, holy land we hold the hour
See our majesty, we'll make play against god's tower

Now the time has come, fields burn foes come together
Sky is darkening, god is war, war forever

Roads to Rome
Roads to Hell
Roads to holy Israel

Black blood and sand
I just want to go back home
Track Name: Caterwaul
Way out past the forest
Way out past the shore
Way out past where angels and devils roar

A thousand miles of silence
A thousand miles of fear
A thousand miles more and I'll disappear

My god is in the soil
My lord is in the ground
Listen to the chime of that terrible sound

One hand on tomorrow
Today rests in my palm
Past stays where it is in the dark and calm

Roads that lead to heaven
And roads that lead to Rome
I will stay the path on the road back home

Judges in the grave
Giants in the trap
Hear my caterwaul like a thunderclap